The Flavorist - aka the devil

I want to introduce you to the real masterminds of the food industry.

Certainly, the marketing department plays its role with great packaging, an alluring message, a catchy jingle, and memorable symbolism. But it’s actually not those people that should get the credit for bringing us back for more. It’s the one behind the scenes – whose name will never be credited – it’s the scientists and they spearhead the multibillion-dollar flavor industry.

They have a name... “flavorist.”

*cue the music as the antagonist enters the scene.

A flavorist sole job is to create natural and artificial flavorings that make your mouth water, create a craving, and ultimately to have you buy more.

In short, their job is to addict you! Like, seriously, that is their whole resume.

And their inspiration is none other than the greatest flavorist of them all – Mother Nature. Well, they give her the credit anyway, we know it’s The Creator, God.

When flavorists find something in creation they like, they extract their flavor molecules, take it back to the lab and mimic the Creator’s molecules with synthetic chemicals. They claim it as “natural” when in fact, it is very unnatural. And these flavorists will boast that they have not only reproduced what the Creator had originally designed, but dare says they've improved upon it.

"A flavor so good you can’t resist it."

*and that is the point.

They will admit that all they are really doing is manipulating the flavor to create one that gives just the right impression, in short, they are illusionists. They make the big bucks to deceive your brain. Flavorists have figured out how to high jack certain receptors in the human brain, to seduce people into having too much. Their goal of addiction is well-orchestrated, well played, and well, it works!

But to be clear, it’s not real food. It is man-designed food – a knock-off - devoid of the nutrients that are in the real deal. I am not exaggerating when I say that they have successfully turned millions of people into mindless eaters of junk, garbage, and an empty ripoff of the real thing.

That’s impressive - evil - but impressive and highly lucrative. I’m sorry to inform you, but the flavorists bottom line is not really you. They are in it for the money and your health matters nothing to them. You are a means to an end!

*cue the segue

I wonder if there is a spiritual creature on this planet that is a master illusionist?

One who has studied humans to learn what stimulates their spiritual and soul receptors to highjack and manipulate their affections.

One that has successfully taken what God designed to meet human needs and turned it on its head… offering his wares as “better.”

One who plates up pseudo-spiritual products with a promise of happiness and lasting satisfaction.

One whose marketing department works tirelessly to come up with just the right sales pitch, putting it in just the right package, and at just the right price… free.

*But it isn’t free, there is always a cost.

If he can convince humans to abandon the original design and bite into his product, settling for a knock-off rather than the real deal, then he’s fulfilled his mission.

Of course, I speak of the devil - the master flavorist.

He has NO interest in your wellbeing – quite the opposite – he intends to lead you astray to what in the end will potentially destroy you. He relentlessly works to fill up your God-designed being with imitation enemy-designed products.

Looking to kill, steal, and destroy (Jn 10:10), he is very intentional about bankrupting your soul, your heart, your relationships, your purpose, and the witness of the church to an on-looking world.

He is the master manipulator and the best spiritual ‘pseudo’ flavorist on the planet.

We are told Satan was the most crafty of God’s creations (Gen 3:1) and he can easily overcome us when we are unaware of his “marketing” schemes. He has studied you and me and well versed in how to take us down.

“Now, nobody can be more full of malice against man than Satan is, as he proves every day; and that malice sharpens his inherent wisdom, so that he becomes exceedingly subtle.”


Whatever you have a spiritual or soulish hankering for, he will produce a pseudo version of it and plate it up. He will promote it as a viable alternative to the real deal and relentlessly play his commercials till you give in. Once you do, he will dump shame all over you.

The crazy thing is we allow for this over and over and over again. How do we keep falling for his junk-food?

“A lie that is all of a lie can be met with and fought outright; But a lie that is partly the truth is a harder matter to fight.”

~ Tennyson

We have legitimate needs for love, belonging, security, purpose, etc. The need isn’t the problem, it is how we get it met that potentially is. Just like a pack of doughnuts might temporarily “fill” me, so does sin. It looks good, it feels good, it tastes good, and it promises satisfaction. The problem is sin never really delivers on its promises and its peddler, the devil, shows himself as the dishonest slick salesman he really is. I’m not left fulfilled, I’m left empty and craving more.

What needs to change is what I am craving. Jesus provides the answer in Matthew 5:6,

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.”

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