Looking Ahead from Mid-COVID

At Mid-COVID, what might we glean for our post-COVID times?

Today, finding myself mid-COVID, I’m ready for the disease and the fear associated with it to STOP. We are praying daily as individuals and as a church for the Lord’s intervention. However, as an advocate for “less is more” in the contemporary lifestyle, I’m hoping that the slower schedules, the fewer number of commitments, and the extra time at home with family will continue long after COVID-19. For some of us these past weeks may be the first time since childhood that we have experienced less structured times or even lazy days at home. Maybe like me you’re finding that there is great treasure in these slower times. As Pooh once said to Christopher Robin, “Doing nothing often leads to the very best of something.” As we see a possible end or lessening of the virus restrictions, what part can you and I play in continuing a saner pace of life?

As we see a possible end or lessening of the virus restrictions, what part can you and I play in continuing a saner pace of life?

As pastor’s wives and women in ministry, we are often involved in the organization of our churches. This can mean being a part of decision-making regarding programs and new groups being formed. When it comes to programs is more always better? Are we driven to build the reach of our church through offering more programs? Are we pressured to try to keep everyone happy by supplying all of the ministries that they would like? Pondering these questions can help us consider if we might be contributing to overcommitted lives, both ours and theirs.

I realize that many of our programs are beloved ministries that reap eternal rewards. Yet, there is a point at which there are more ministries than people to oversee them—then comes the busyness and overcommitment that characterizes many of our lives in this modern era. My husband, who is a bi-vocational pastor, was encouraged at a pastor’s conference regarding the importance of keeping things simple. The idea presented was to focus on doing the most important things well versus trying to do too much without proper resources. Of course, this applies to all sizes of churches as no one is exempt from burnout or running on fumes.

So, a few thoughts on championing a restful lifestyle—one slow enough to gather on the beach for a meal with the Savior, slow enough to take a Sabbath rest, slow enough to spend extended time with family and friends, slow enough to get creative, slow enough to ponder truth, slow enough to dream dreams, and slow enough to sit at the Lord’s feet. Please take hold of the ideas that enhance your commitment to a gentler, saner quality of life. No to-do lists or guilt trips here! This is a dialogue for exploration and support. This list reflects my circumstances. Please tailor it to fit yours.

Choose to commit to only one night a week out (or none).

Choose to eat on the run only one night a week

Choose to take time to stretch and breathe deep most days

Choose to do something creative once or twice a week

Choose to commit to only one or two group functions a week

Choose to ask your children to have only one sport or group commitment at a time

Choose to make time to read a new book

Choose to make time to garden or walk outdoors often

Choose to put only seven items on your to-do list each day

Choose to have one day a week with no commitments

Choose to linger in the Lord’s presence

Choose to give something of yours away every day, even if it’s just a smile

As I mentioned, these ideas are meant as points of inspiration to apply to your own unique situation. Try out the ideas that fit and discard the rest. I would love to be inspired by your thoughts on carrying forward our gains from our time of COVID-19 stay-at-home practices. Please add them in the COMMENTS section below.

In closing, I think of Psalm 23:1-3a:

“The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want, He makes me lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul.”

The Lord desires to lead us to places where we are fed, nourished, and satisfied—so satisfied that we lie down and rest.

The Lord leads us to quiet waters where our thirst is quenched with life-giving water. Our driving thirst is satisfied.

The Lord restores our souls—our mind, our will, and our emotions are made whole and at peace.

The Lord gives rest and satisfaction to His people! Here’s to planning for a slower life post-COVID-19.


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